Monday, 22 December 2008

Some of my work

If you like the patterns, click on their name and the link will take you there!
SLEEVELESS V-NECK PULLOVER: I knitted it for myself. The rib part I knitted it with a circular needle in order to avoid sewing. It is very fresh. I loved to wear it during the hot summer in Argentina.

The Road Scarf: This was a birthday present for my mom. It has a story: I bought the yan in a yarn shop in Seward, Alaska. It was knitted while sailing around Alaska water, to be used in the other side of the world. as my parents live in the Southern Hemisphere, Buenos Aires.
My so called scarf: This was a tricky one to knit, not because it was difficult (actually it is a simle pattern that looks amazing) but I knitted with one strand of cotton adn one strand of silk, puer silk. So every time I have to pass over a stitch i suffered not to damage the silk! It looks amazing around my neck!

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